Parking Ordinance Being Repealed

The City Council Voted to Repeal the Parking Ordinance. A second reading and vote is required.

We still have other issues to consider. The Fixed Based Operator for the airport, road repair, sales tax and bonds. Also hearing that the City has an $18,000,000 dollar deficit. We also need a parking structure. People are also concerned about the closure of the left turn from Airport to 46 East. Other issues that are coming up is the state of the library and City Hall building. I am asking the Referendum Team to stay together and keep working, particulary to recall the mayor. His snarky remarks at the conclusion of the vote was upsetting to many people. And his insistance that somehow Norma Moye is responsible for the parking mess. He also has FPPC filings against him and has a clear conflict of interest with the plans to expand the airport. Stay tuned.