Parking Referendum

If you live in Paso City Limits you can print the petition form, sign it, gather more signatures if you want and sign as the circulator too! You can bring to any of the businesses listed on the home page. Petitions need to be signed in blue ink. Please write inside the boxes.

Please read the following important instructions:

  • The petitions should be signed in blue ink.
  • ONLY registered residents within the city limits of Paso Robles are eligible to sign the petition or circulate the petition. 
  • It is very important that writing be made inside the boxes (print name, signature, residence address, city, zip and date).
  • Those signing the petition should use the name, signature and address they used when they registered. If they do not recall, they can look it up on their smart phone by going to 
  • If you come across an unregistered voter, they can promptly register online by also going to  Once they have registered on line they are eligible to sign the petition.

Full Circulator Instructions

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